Eesha Das Gupta

Thanks! I changed upper limits for phi and polar_angle arrays so that values don’t overlap, and that fixed it. The code runs and returns a sphere for reflective boundary conditions. However, when I try running it for inflow/outflow boundary conditions (REFLECTIVE_X = 2, REFLECTIVE_Y = 2, REFLECTIVE_Z = 2) , it terminates and gives me a runtime error –
TERMINATE: ******!!!!!****** Code termination on task=11, function timebins_get_bin_and_do_validity_checks(), file src/time_integration/timestep.c, line 741: time-step of integer size 1 not allowed

My setup has nonperiodic selfgravity and I have HIERARCHICAL_GRAVITY turned on in my Config file as well. I have had this problem before in a 2D setup with nonperiodic selfgravity and inflow/outflow boundary conditions. Is there some issue with timestepping gravity with Inflow/Outflow boundaries or is there something I’m missing? Thanks!