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    Alankar Dutta

    In src/cooling/cooling.c,
    line 64: static double Tmin = 0.0; /*!< min temperature in log10 */
    which I think is intending to set the minimum cooling temperature to 1 K by default but later in
    line 610: Tmin = 1.0;
    sets the default to 10 K instead.
    This might not be what is intended for the code to do. Right?


    Hi Alankar,
    This is certainly a somewhat odd choice, but from a functional perspective not important.
    Since this is a static variable, it is simply set to 0 initially, and reset at initialization (function InitCool), either to 0.1 the min. cooling temperature in the parameter file or to 1.
    So the zero is never actually used. 1, i.e. 10 K is a fairly common lower limit for galaxy scale simulations (many have far higher temperature limits, in fact).
    I agree with you it might be a bit strange, but not really of any consequence.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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