Large Scale Structure

Large scale structure of the Universe calculated with Arepo in a gravity-only simulation (1.5 Gpc side length, 1,073,741,824 simulation particles).

large scale structure of the universe

Kelvin–Helmholtz instability

Snapshot of a 2d Kelvin-Helmholtz instability simulation with Arepo.

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (multiple modes)

Images of examples and tests

Images of the example runs provided with Arepo. They can be easily reproduced by using the script, removing the rm commands to keep the output and replace python ${RUNDIR}/ ${RUNDIR} with python ${RUNDIR}/ ${RUNDIR} True.

wave 1d

Propagation of a small adiabatic perturbation.

shocktube 1d

Time evolution of a Riemann problem.

interacting blastwaves 1d

Interaction of two Riemann problems.

mhd shocktube 1d

Riemann problem in magnetohydrodynamics.

polytrope 1d spherical

Self-gravitating gas sphere in hydrostatic equilibrium, calculated in 1d spherical coordinates.

gresho 2d

Gresho vortex in 2d, where the rotation is balanced by a pressure gradient. Problem is supposed to be stationary.

noh 2d

Converging flow resulting in a strong shock in 2d.

yee 2d

Yee vortex problem in 2d. Similar to a Gresho vortex, only rotation and pressure profiles here are smooth.

current sheet 2d

MHD current sheet problem in 2d studying the (numerical) magnetic resistivity of the code.

noh 3d

3d version of a converging flow resulting in a strong shock.

cosmo box gravity only 3d

A cosmological volume gravity-only simulation.

cosmo box star formation 3d

A cosmological volume simulation including dark matter, gas, gas cooling and star-formation.

cosmo zoom gravity only 3d

Small version of a cosmological ‘zoom’ simulation (gravity only).

galaxy merger star formation 3d

Isolated galaxy merger simulation with dark matter, stars and gas. Includes gas cooling and star formation.

isolated galaxy collisionless 3d

Isolated galaxy (dark matter and stars, no gas) in dynamical equilibrium. Supposed to be stationary.